Online Resources 
Planted Reef - A Facebook group dedicated to all things marine macroalgae.

 Planted Reef - Saltwater Aquarium Macroalgae Discussion | Facebook

Reef Central - An online forum with some good information about marine plants and sea grass. 

Algaebase - a database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms. - Information on keeping seahorses as well as setting up macro algae dominated aquaria. 

Wet Web Media - a website offering expert advice on marine aquariums including some information on algae species in the aquarium. 

Slipping into Sea Grasses - Making the case for aquariums going green, author Scott Fellman. 

Beautiful Sea Grasses - Keeping true flowering plants in the aquarium, author Anthony Calfo. 

Best Plants and Algae for Refugia, author Anthony Calfo. 

Mangroves For The Marine Aquarium, author Anthony Calfo. 

Beyond The Refugium - Seagrass Aquaria, author Sarah Lardizabal. 

Beyond The Refugium - A Macroalgae Primer, author Sarah Lardizabal. 

The Genus Halophila - Stars Paddles and Oars For The Marine Aquarium, Sarah Lardizabal. 

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