The genus Rhodophyta is the largest and most diverse group of tropical and temperate marine algae with more than 2,000 species worldwide. Their dominant pigment is phycoerythrin, which gives off rich shades of red, orange and blue. Red macro algae are some of the most varied and striking of all marine algae and are highly sought after as aquarium specimens. Identification can be difficult in some species, such as Gracilaria, and some have slight variations depending on the location and depth. Although this index is not a complete listing, it represents species that are commonly available or sought after by marine aquarists. As new species become available to the industry they will be added.

Index of Red Macroalgae

Acanthaphora Sp.  Asparagopsis Sp. Botryocladia Sp. Chondria Sp.
Dasya Sp. Galaxaura Sp. Gelidium Sp. Gracilaria Parvisipora
Gracilaria Tikvahiae Gracilaria Hayi Halymenia Floresia Halymenia Floridana
Halymenia Elongata Hydrolithon Sp. Laurencia Sp. Liagora Sp.
Lithophyllum Sp. Nemastoma Sp.  Ochtodes Sp. Haliptilon Sp.

Trichogloea Sp.

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