There are over 900 different species of marine micro and macro algae that make up the genus Chlorophyta. The green coloration in marine algae is caused by the dominant pigment chlorophyll. The colors vary between species from bright green to yellow or dark jade. They are among the most diverse and abundant group of all macro algae, representing extremely varied shapes and characteristics, as well as world wide distribution.  They spread and grow by two main methods: fragmentation and by releasing reproductive spores.  The latter is most problematic in the Caulerpa species and can present some challenges to successfully keep them long term in the marine aquarium.  

Index of Green Macroalgae

Acetabularia Sp.  Anadyomene Sp. Caulerpa Ashmeadii Caulerpa Cupressoides
Caulerpa Cylindracea Caulerpa Mexicana Caulerpa Paspaloides Caulerpa Var. Peltata
Caulerpa Prolifera Caulerpa Racemosa Caulerpa Serrulata Caulerpa Sertulariodes
Caulerpa Taxifolia Chlorodesmis Sp. Chaetomorpha Sp. Codium Sp.
Cymopolia Barbata Enteromorpha Sp. Halimeda Discoidea Halimeda Incrassata
Halimeda Opuntia Neomeris Annulata Pencillus Capitatus Pencillus Dumetosus

Pencillus Pyriformis

Rhipocephalus Phoenix Udotea Flabellum Ulva Sp.

Valonia Sp.

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