Often mistaken for a type of hair algae, Chlorodesmis is a popular plant for the marine aquarium. It features fine filaments, resembling strands of hair or thread attached by a single holdfast. Not palatable to fish as it contains toxic compounds that are known to not only discourage fish but also effect coral growth. Most moss-like algae require very high current and strong lighting to successfully grow in the aquarium. This species finds its way into the aquarium trade attached to live rock and imported coral colonies. pods. This species is sensitive to high levels of nitrates and any detectable levels of copper.

Aquarium Care Information

Scientific Name: Chlorodesmis Sp.

Common Name: Turtle Weed, Maiden's Hair

Origin: Australia, Eastern Caribbean, S. Pacific

Depth Collected: 10-50 Feet

Maximum Height : 8"

Growth Rate: Moderate

Light: High

Temperature: 72-80

Propagation: Fragmentation, Sporulation

Difficulty: Advanced

Food Value: Not Palatable

Nutrient Uptake: Good

Flow Rate: Moderate to High

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