Species of the brown algae Sargassum are among the most prolific of all brown algae in the Caribbean.  This particular species features serrated, gold-brown leaves that form from a series of thick, main branches. Air bladders are common on this species and help to keep the plant upright. Mature plants often reach heights of 30" or more in deeper environments, but most are found in shallow water. Anchored varieties are most suitable for the marine aquarium and have a very sturdy holdfast that is able to securely anchor itself in very turbulent environments. In the aquarium they require bright lighting and moderate to high flow rates for optimal growth. A large plant, that needs to be pruned often. Many hobbyists often encounter this species, as well as others, on imported and aqua-cultured live rock. Not known to be very palatable to fish.


Aquarium Care Information

Scientific Name: Sargassum Platycarpum

Common Name: Sargassum

Origin: Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic

Depth Collected: 3 - 20 feet

Maximum Height : 30"

Growth Rate: Slow

Light: High

Temperature: 68-78

Propagation: Fragmentation, Sporulation

Difficulty: Advanced

Food Value: Not very palatable

Nutrient Uptake: Fair

Flow Rate: Moderate to High

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Brown Macro Algae

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