By far the most popular and widely distributed species of Caulerpa available for use in the aquarium. This species features dark green, slender, oval shaped blades attached to a single rhizome. It often has new growth that appears on old blades which is true to its name. Depending on the environment provided, it can grow very wide blades (up to 1") in turbulent areas and grows tall and thin in shallow, calm habitats. Individual blades are often spiral shaped when collected from shallow waters, especially when found in sea grass beds. Not very palatable to fish, but will be nipped at by some Tangs. It prefers to grow on sandy substrate, and once established, will quickly grow over the front of an aquarium.

Aquarium Care Information

Scientific Name: Caulerpa Prolifera

Common Name:  Blade Algae

Origin: Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Caribbean

Depth Collected: 4 - 30 Feet

Maximum Height : 6"

Growth Rate: Fast

Light: Moderate

Temperature: 76-86

Propagation: Fragmentation, sporulation

Difficulty: Easy

Food Value: Somewhat palatable

Nutrient Uptake: Excellent

Flow Rate: Low to Moderate

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