Just like traditional freshwater planted aquariums, the creation of a marine plant dominated system can be just as beautiful if properly cared for. The use and arrangement of marine macro algae and sea grasses in the aquarium is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Throughout the world, there are various habitats that are unique in both their location and characteristics, providing a limitless scope for recreating natural aquascapes. 

A biotope, or species specific aquascape, is one in which both the landscape and livestock are matched to a known environment. Although most marine plants are found in fairly shallow water environments, there are several species that are only found in deep, pristine habitats which offers the hobbyist a vast array of choices. An aquascape can be as unique and varied as you wish, depending on the species and the devotion to maintenance. Planning is a major key to achieving a more natural looking ecosystem, as plants and algae can quickly overgrow any aquarium and soon appear as a field of weeds. Macro algae will ultimately compete with Photo by Brant Mure one another over light and nutrients, so species specific biotopes are often more desirable for long term success. Some of the same basic rules or guidelines in setting up a freshwater planted aquarium translate to the marine system. There are basically two schools of thought concerning recreating a natural biotope. The first is to include only native plants, fish and invertebrates to reproduce an aquascape that is representative of a particular region or environment. While this can be done attractively, the amount of species will be limited. The second method is to recreate or simply represent a natural environment, allowing for a much wider variety of species and design. The ultimate goal should be to create a captivating and realistic aquascape that mimics a natural ecosystem and personal taste. 


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