Species of Padina are a very beautiful and interesting brown macro algae. Coloration is highly variable depending on each individual species, ranging from dark brown, tan, green with some iridescence. Some species have rounded blades while others have split, irregular growth. The most common is Padina Sanctae Crucis (pictured), which is often found on imported live rock. Species of Padina are the only brown algae that is calcified, so calcium must be maintained for growth in the aquarium. Like many of the calcified algae, it is quite common for coralline algae to grow on the surface of the blades, which gives it a beautiful appearance. All species feature scroll like cups that have a series of rings resembling the trunk of a tree. Padina features a single holdfast that securely anchors to rocks, shells and coral fragments. A slow grower that will require good current in the aquarium and calcium supplementation.


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Aquarium Care Information

Scientific Name: Padina Sp.

Common Name: Scroll Algae, Potato Algae

Origin: Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic

Depth Collected: 3 - 40 feet

Maximum Height : 6"

Growth Rate: Slow

Light: Moderate to High

Temperature: 78-86

Propagation: Fragmentation, Sporulation

Difficulty: Advanced

Food Value: Not very palatable

Nutrient Uptake: Fair

Flow Rate: Moderate to High

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Brown Macro Algae

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