A beautiful variety of red macro algae that features heavily calcified branches attached by a single holdfast to rocks, coral fragments and hard bottoms. It has flattened ends on each branch that are usually bright pink. Depending on the species, they are found in a variety of colorations ranging from bright red to dark purple. There are many species of Galaxaura distributed worldwide with only a handful of species entering the aquarium trade. Most of these specimens are found as "hitchhikers" on imported live rock. Most species require intense lighting as they are typically found in the tidal zone or shallow reef flat. In the aquarium, it requires calcium supplementation, bright illumination and moderate to high current.

Aquarium Care Information

Scientific Name: Galaxaura Sp.

Common Name: Pom Pom Algae

Origin: Indonesia, Caribbean, S. Pacific

Maximum Height : 8"

Growth Rate: Slow

Light: High

Temperature: 78-82

Propagation: Fragmentation, Sporulation

Difficulty: Advanced

Food Value: Not Palatable

Nutrient Uptake: Fair

Flow Rate: Moderate to High

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Red Macro Algae

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