A rigid, highly variable green macro algae that grows in depths of 2-100 feet. It features rounded, stiff, irregular shaped blades that have a distinct pattern of intricate veins when examined closely. There are several varieties that are occasionally seen in the aquarium industry, but most find their way into the aquarium attached to collected live rock or amongst harvested calcareous algae. The most commonly available specimens are Anadyomene Saladanhae, Stellata, and Cavernosa (pictured) . Some single specimens can grow in large clumps of up to 10" in diameter, but in the aquarium growth is smaller. A slow grower, but a fairly hardy specimen in the marine aquarium. 

Anadyomene Cavernosa

Anadyomene Cavernosa

Aquarium Care Information

Scientific Name: Anadyomene Sp.

Common Name: Sea Lettuce, Basket weave

Origin: Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Caribbean

Depth Collected: 2-100 Feet

Maximum Height : 10"

Growth Rate: Slow

Light: Moderate

Temperature: 78-86

Propagation: Fragmentation, sporulation

Difficulty: Moderate

Food Value: Palatable to some fish 

Nutrient Uptake: Poor

Flow Rate: Moderate 

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Green Macro Algae

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